Telecom Test Instrument

Ethernet testing

Ethernet Testing

A complete portfolio of modular and handheld testing solutions addressing 10M to 10G LAN/WAN Ethernet testing needs.

SONET/SDH testing


From legacy SONET/SDH through next-generation and into multiservice testing needs; see our complete portfolio of handheld and modular testing solutions.

DSn/PDH and legacy SONET/SDH testing

DSn/PDH and Legacy SONET/SDH Testing

Portable testing solutions to test legacy DSn/PDH services.

Fibre Channel testing

Fibre Channel Testing

Fibre Channel testing modules to test services carried via DWDM and SONET/SDH networks.

IPTV testing

IPTV Testing

For solutions that provide quick test methods to deploy triple-play services, choose from our modules, handhelds and rackmount devices.

Synchronization testing

Synchronization Testing

Physical and packet layer synchronization testing and monitoring for SONET/SDH, Ethernet and point-to-point networks.

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